Product Care

Product Care

Your lamb bag has been lovingly made with 100% beautiful soft leather, with a luxury cotton lining or suede lining. Made from a natural product, there might be slight colour shading and natural markings on the skin. These are natural characteristics of the leather, not faults. Colourfastness cannot be guaranteed on suede, nubuck or deep coloured leathers. Please take care when wearing your bag, colour may transfer onto other garments, accessories or upholstery. 

Outer Leather

When treating the outer leather of your Lamb bag we would advise purchasing a professional protective cleaning spray or moisturiser, then use a soft dry white cloth to wipe the bag in gentle circular motions, this will help to maintain the original quality of the leather. Should the bag get wet for any reason, please do not put the bag under any direct heat, as this will affect the leathers' natural grain. Instead, leave the bag to dry naturally and pat gently with a clean, dry and white cloth. In addition, we do not advise you to leave your Lamb bag in direct heat or light for long periods of time.

Inner Suede Leather

As some of our handbags are suede leather lined, it is important to take extra care when cleaning the inside of your Lamb bag. To remove stains or marks, use a soft suede brush and brush in gentle circular motions, for more stubborn stains we would suggest investing in a suede eraser.

Lamb Tip: When you are not using your Lamb bag, we would suggest storing it in the original Lamb protective dust bag which you received with your order as this will help to maintain the traditional Lambs' quality.

If you have any queries regarding the product care of your Lamb bag, please don't hesitate to get in touch at

or phone us on 0845 264 1150